{In Hues of Gold} Bisoux Jewelry Holiday Outfit

My favorite jewelry tone of all time! I’m always accessorizing with golden accents, from my earrings to my arm swag-even the lining of my shoes- gold has always been a staple color in my life. What better way to honor that than create an entirely golden monochrome outfit?

As the holidays are approaching, I’m sure you all are wondering how to accessorize your Christmaskwanzahanukkah and New Years outfits! No fear, our jewels are unique, classy and will give all of your ensembles the edge it needs to stand out in that party crowd =)

Lauren wears: Zara blouse | H&M skirt |  vintage belt

Bisoux Jewelry: Crystal Spike Studs | Golden Eagle Collar Necklace | Crystal Heart Collar Tips|  Multi-lined Ring

With love,

Bisoux Jewelry

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