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Trend Alert! Mismatched Earrings Rocked by Brooke Jasmyne, Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson, Ashanti and Rihanna

Mismatched earrings seem to be the latest craze to hit the the scene. We’ve been seeing more and more of this trend on the streets, music videos and award shows rocked by the likes of Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, and Brooke Jasmyn!

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Brooke Jasymne, of BET’s reality show Harlem Heights, was actually one of the first ¬†we observed to rock this trend. This chick just excudes an effortless personal style, edgy and classy, but what’s interesting is that she actually fell upon this trend by accident. After messaging her for some details, she replied with:

“I have been doing mixed matched earrings for years not even trying to set a trend (I just lose em all the time and had 1 of each laying around…also my left ear began to split and so I just started wearing studs in that ear to let it breathe and ut all my heavy earrings in my right ear…I pierced my left ear 3 more times for style and limited my right ear to the single piercing Ive had since birth so people stopped saying ‘i think you dropped one of your earrings” *ouch!*

Ahhh to be beautiful and so cool! Thanks Brooke! =)

Here are some other celebrities doing the mismatched earring thang…



Alicia Keys at the VMAs (with only one hoop in her right ear)

Alicia Keys at the VMAs (with only one hoop in her right ear)


Keri Hilson and Wayne in her "Turnin' Me On" video

Rihanna in the "Run this Town" video

Rihanna in the "Run this Town" video

If you’re intereted in this look, check out some of these pre-made options:

Peacock Sword Earrings by PeaceImages, $39.50 (LOVE this line!)

Peacock Sword Earrings by PeaceImages

Peacock Sword Earrings by PeaceImages, $39.50

Check out these Mismatch Shooting Star Earrings, also on Etsy, for the Keri Hilson look

mismatch shooting stars earrings on etsy, $8.00

Mismatch Shooting Stars Earrings on Etsy, $8.00

And Urban Outfitters keeps it simple with these Lock and Key studs

Urban Outfitters Lock and Key Studs, $9.99

Urban Outfitters Lock and Key Studs, $9.99

Our recessoin-friendly option is…to do it yourself! Mismatching earrings is a great way to recycle those misplaced studs and hoops of the past. The best combo’s are the hoop + stud or the long dangling chain + small hoop or stud. Incorporating feathers is also a lovely accent. Try this trend this weekend and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of compliments!!!